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"Congratulations David, you've just shown every single Photoshop user the fastest and easiest way to work wonders with their digital photos"

- Dan Feildman, Author of "Your Guide To Digital Photography"

David Peters

Digital Photographer

Adobe Photoshop Coach

"These 22 Step-By-Step Photo Editing Video Tutorials Are Guaranteed To Impress... Or I'll Let You Keep Them All (And $50 Of Bonuses) 100% FREE For Wasting Your Time!"


From the Desk of David Peters

Creator, "Photoshop Fast Track For Newbies"


Dear Friend,


How many times have you taken what you thought was a great digital photo only to be disappointed once you looked at it on your computer?


Those viewfinders on the backs of digital cameras are so small. It's hard to see if the lighting is bad.


Maybe you or your sweetheart look less than stunning. Maybe you had the wrong lens setting - but you took the photo anyway...


...After all, there are some moments that just can't be missed.


Or maybe this has happened - you've got a great wedding pic. Or so you thought, but after printing the photo, you find some bozo (family member?)  in the background messing up the shot. Not good :-)


It is frustrating and difficult to get everything right


Then there's Photoshop.


The "so-called" solution to fixing your photos quickly and easily. Hey, that's the reason you bought Photoshop in the first place, right?

Until you launch the program and reality sets in. It's intimidating!  The more you try to make your photos look the way you want the more frustrated you seem to get.

How depressing is that?!

Don't worry, you're not alone. I hear this all the time.


In fact, I regularly meet people still a little in shock from trying to figure out how to use this program... if this is you then don't worry... it is apparently quite normal :-)


And even if you were to read through the manual several times over you'd still be overwhelmed. The fact is Photoshop does seem like rocket science at times.


And whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, the truth is that most people feel like pulling out their hair when working with Photoshop.


I mean, if it's so "user-friendly" (which is often claimed) then why do so many people struggle with it?


But it doesn't need to be that hard


Do you just want the "Photo-Editing Basics"? The "cool" tricks explained in simple language? Without needing to become a Photoshop guru?


The bottom line - most people (maybe you as well) just want the shortcut secrets to editing their digital photos.


They don't want to spend hours upon hours reading through pages of technical gibberish.


And they definitely don't have the time, the inclination or the dollars to spend taking Photoshop classes at the local community college.


After all, if you've spent good money on your digital camera it's normal you just want to make beautiful memories with it, without the need to be a professional photographer. And if you can impress my family and friends along the way, that would be kinda nice too!


Perhaps you can relate?


Imagine how proud you will feel when you can easily:


Remove red eye effortlessly
Correct underexposed photos
Remove spots and blemishes instantly
Make panoramic photos that bring everything to life
Remove any unwanted “objects” from your photos
Make yourself (or others) look 10lbs slimmer - heck you can even make someone you don't like look 10lbs fatter!
Remove a double chin caused by a bad posture - or even a bad diet :-)
Give yourself an instant tan
Change hair color
Remove wrinkles
Smoothen skin (and give yourself the "model" look)
And MUCH more....


It's these basic tasks (and others you're about to discover) that turn average photos into amazing photos. The kind that bring smiles to everyone's face and that feel good "heart-thump" inside.


I'm talking about the secrets that will allow you to make changes like this to your photos...


This Underexposed Photo is Dark and Poorly Lit. You might be tempted to throw it out.


This Perfectly Lit Photo was created after watching a 6-Minute Video Tutorial. Beautiful!

Click here to watch the 6 minute video from this video series that shows you exactly how to achieve the above effect... (this opens in a new window)



And so... if you're like me and you want to create spectacular photos using Photoshop... but you don't have the time or patience for boring manuals, or frustrating trial and error, then I have good news for you...




"Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers"


A Simple and Effective Training Tool That Shows You The Shortcuts to Editing Your Digital Photos in Minutes



You're going to love this...


Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers brings you 22 photo-editing videos, all of which are less than 13 minutes long.


12 of the 22 Videos are less than 5 minutes long!  


9 of the 22 Videos are between 5 and 10 minutes long. The longest of the videos clocks in at just 12 minutes and 48 seconds.


All it takes is one less punch of the snooze button on your alarm and you're editing digital photos like a pro.


Not that I want to take away from your sleep!


But the truth is that this video based Photoshop learning system teaches you priceless Photo-Editing Secrets in less time than it takes to fry an egg.


By the way, the videos are of Roger (our team's resident expert at working with digital photos) actually using Photoshop right before your very eyes. It's as if you were sitting side by side with him, looking over his shoulder as he shows you how easily each task is done.


You can pause the videos with the pause button, fast forward and rewind them by simply dragging the progress button (on the bar under the video) to the left or right, increase volume etc. The videos are very simple and easy to use and follow, and... of all, the videos are online and ready to be viewed instantly. Plus they will work on ANY computer, (they are PC and Mac compatible).


Just sit back and watch them on your computer at your own pace and without any fixed schedule. Almost immediately you will be producing results that blow your friends and family away.


It's easy. It's fun. And it's habit forming.


Once you master the secrets of using Photoshop to edit your digital photos you'll be hooked. Your digital pics will be never be the same.


Whether it's creating a cool montage or removing unwanted background objects, be warned. Photo-editing is addictive. :-)


And now, learning how to photo edit has never been easier.


The great thing about the "Photoshop Fast Track For Digital Photographers" training series is that you don't have to wait to start learning.


You can get started this minute.


These training tutorials are viewable online the moment you gain access to them (which you can do in just a few minutes).


Better yet, you can login from anywhere and at anytime and view them - even if it's 3:00 am and you're in Bangladesh!  You'll also get the option to download them onto your computer if you wish, so you can view them offline at any time as well.


Think about it - no boring classes to attend, no tiresome 20 hour DVD's to sit through. Just some fun, lively and short videos that you can watch from the comfort of your home!


Watch and learn how to turn boring ‘quick snaps’ into eye grabbing photos that tug at the heartstrings of your family and friends. Simply and in record time.
Discover 'trade secret' Photoshop shortcuts that will slash the time it takes you to edit your photos from hours to just minutes. Everyone will be amazed.
Improve the quality of any photograph - easily. While these techniques are simple they are very effective. They will leave everyone breathless.
Make beautifying enhancements to any photo. Things like teeth whitening, double chin removal. hair restoration, wrinkle removal - all in seconds.
Learn the tricks that Hollywood has been using for years to make the stars look like so darn good in their promotion photos! You can EASILY make yourself look 10lbs slimmer - and no one has to know!
Merge two (or more) photos together seamlessly to create beautiful panoramic views. Just like the top magazines and newspapers do!
Edit your photos with confidence and with no signs of re-touching. Your pics will be a joy to behold.


In a just a moment I'll share with you how to grab your copy of these videos along with a special introductory offer if you act fast.


But first...


Show and Tell: Inside the Photo Editor's studio


"Photoshop Fast Track For Digital Photographers" is an easy to use training program designed to simplify the process of editing digital photos.


No effort has been spared to give you the easiest, shortest and quickest route to photo-editing success.


Here's a look at some of what you'll be learning:


Expertly removed unwanted objects from the background.

Get rid of people, cars, buildings, etc. In one fell swoop!




Remove red eye effortlessly so your friends and relatives no
longer look like they are "possessed". They will love you for it!




Change hair color in less than 10 Minutes. Feeling like a redhead
today?  Or remove gray hair and replace it any with color you
can imagine. Vidal Sassoon ain't got nothing on you!




Selectively remove color. This is very popular

for wedding photos and is what the pros do.




Replace background images with clouds, famous

buildings and bridges, or even loved ones and friends.




Have fun creating realistic or sci-fi photo

montages. Insert people, cars, planes, boats,

buildings and almost anything you can think of!




Make panoramic photos. Take multiple pics

and create one beautiful seamless view and vista

of architecture, landscapes and sunsets.




Get wild and wacky and give your photos a funny look.

Learn the same special effects techniques used in

Hollywood Blockbusters in less than 7 minutes!




Give your photos more “punch” by increasing contrast and
making colors more crisp. You'll be very proud of these.




More photo-editing secrets revealed...


Remember - you can pause, rewind and re-watch any of these videos again and again until your comfortable.


And you have the flexibility of learning at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, on your own computer.


In a matter of minutes you'll be doing things with your photos that your family and friends didn't know were possible, like...


Change or accentuate eye color. In less than 5 minutes you can go blue or hazel of any other color of your choice!
Give yourself an instant tan. This is a great way to have some fun with your vacation pics. You can always say you left the sunscreen at home!
Remove a double chin. Some photos are less flattering than others - though no fault of your own. Now you can fix them in just 7 minutes 16 seconds!
Erase away wrinkles. Another great way to add "years" to any photo!  Great for photos of loved ones.
Smoothen skin to give the “perfect model skin” look. Great for head shots and family pics.
Whiten teeth. Another great "Hollywood" secret. You'll learn this in less than 3 minutes.
Remove spots and blemishes. Get rid of all those nasty spots once and for all. Makes your photos look fantastic.
Instantly look slimmer. Your friends will be asking you what diet plan you've been using!
Give your photos a soft romantic look. Capture the very best moments in the very best way.
And a few other tricks that will leave your friends green with envy...


It's never been easier to create great memories and amazing photos


In all my years of teaching Photoshop one thing is very clear. People want shortcuts for editing their digital pictures.


In my own case, I have a family, I run a business and time is very precious. I don't have time to watch endless hours of video just to do some very basic and simple edits to my photos.


With that in mind, I set out to create a series of videos that get right to the point. No fluff. No needless banter. Just the most powerful photo-editing secrets and tricks that will delight your family and friends every time.


Quite simply, "Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers" will save you time and give you FAST RESULTS.


In fact, I am so confident you will be pleased by your newfound Photo-Editing Prowess, I am willing to go out on a limb... My wife thinks I am crazy to do this. She knows these are great videos.


Which is all the more reason to offer you my "David's Gone Crazy" Zero-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee. After all, if they're so great, why not take on all the risk, right?


So read this carefully...


"David's Gone Crazy"

Zero-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Here's the deal...


If you don't like the 22 Photo-Editing Videos for any reason (or for no reason at all), just let me know within 56 days (8 full weeks) and I will refund your purchase price immediately.


And the crazy part...


You can keep the whole darn thing completely free of charge.


No questions asked, no hassles, no hard feelings.


If for any reason you are not thrilled with your new photo editing skills, I will refund your purchase price and you can keep everything free. We part as friends.


(Yes, you read the above correctly... If you're not happy you keep the lot free)


I'm sure you'll agree I can't be any fairer than that!


Wow David!  You've really got my attention. What's all this going to cost?


Most people I have trained to use Photoshop want to know the basics. They want to feel confident of getting good results.


You could spend hundreds of dollars taking Photoshop classes.


You could spend hundreds on a self-help program teaching you to use Photoshop. (Most courses and programs range in price from $300 to nearly $1000.)


The truth is, however, you still might not learn the easiest and quickest way to edit your photos.


And if you're looking for the the most surefire way to create breathtaking photos in the least amount of time, you don't' need to go to that expense.


There's simply no need to spend more money on advanced manuals or wade your way through 50 hours of videos (common in other courses).


So, a good question to ask yourself is this - what would it be worth to learn the shortcuts for turning average photos into treasured memories in just minutes? 


What would you invest if you knew you could create sensational pics every time you used Photoshop to edit them? 


And think of this... what's the point paying $300-$500 on a camera if you're not happy with the photos you take anyway?


Would you invest $197 to gain the knowledge and skill to whip up memorable photos on demand?


Would you be comfortable with a $147 investment knowing you were protected by an iron-clad money-back guarantee (and you can have your money back and keep the tutorials for free if you weren't happy)?


Well, don't worry, it's not going to be $197 or $147 - even though these videos would be a steal at either of these prices.


For a limited time only, you can purchase "The Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers" Video Training Series for the special price of just $197 $147 $97


Just think, you'll never have to pay a professional to touch up your photos ever again ($30 to $50 per touch up)


Now for just a one time $97 you'll have the skill yourself, and be able to edit as many photos as you want... and remember the videos are less than 2 hours in total!


You see, after countless emails from students and clients asking for editing shortcuts, I gave in,and with my team we have created the very best course of it's kind with these video tutorials.


For now, these videos are available exclusively over the internet. And frankly, I'm not sure for how long I want to keep the price this low, after all I run a business and these videos are easily worth more than $97. (Especially since my corporate clients pay so much more to learn similar skills.)


Special FREE "Limited Offer" bonuses for ordering right away... (but we quick before they go)


BONUS #1: Video Tutorial IMAGES


So you can work along using the exact same images we use in each video tutorial.


When you go to the member's page to view each video you'll see a link directly under each video tutorial which allows you to download the actual original image we use.


This means that by simply following the video tutorial you'll be able to see just how well your "after" pic compares, allowing you to progress much faster.


Click on this link to see a sample image (opens in a new window)

BONUS #2: Flickr Tutorials


Have you ever heard of


The truth is that no other site has ever had such an impact on the Internet as has for digital photographers. is the world's best online photo management and sharing application... and it's free (there's also a very inexpensive pro version if you want it, but it's not needed).


The only problem is that to really get the most from it you need someone to show you how it works.


So I've had these video tutorials created. (Not even themselves have video tutorials!)


They show you everything you need to know to really get the most from this amazing free website, and once you start using you'll soon become addicted... just wait until you see how easy it is to set up a blog and share photos.

Here's what you'll learn:


Tutorial #  1 - Introduction
Tutorial #  2 - Making Your Flickr Badge
Tutorial #  3 - Batch Organizing in Flickr
Tutorial #  4 - Blogging Linking and Downloading in Flickr
Tutorial #  5 - Customizing in Flickr
Tutorial #  6 - Geotagging in Flickr

Tutorial #  7 - Notes and Comments in Flickr
Tutorial #  8 - Licensing and Privacy in Flickr
Tutorial #  9 - RSS Feeds in Flickr
Tutorial # 10 - SETS are in Flickr
Tutorial # 11 - TAGS are in Flickr
Tutorial # 12 - Uploading for Beginners in Flickr
Tutorial # 13 - Uploading for Advanced Part 1 in Flickr
Tutorial # 14 - Uploading for Advanced Part 2 in Flickr

If you want to see an example of a video from these video tutorials just click here to see "Uploading for Beginners in Flickr" (this video opens in a new window)


I plan on selling these videos separately for around $50 (as soon as I actually start to sell them I will remove this bonus)..


However, right now, these videos are Free when you purchase "Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers" Today.

The power to edit your digital photos like a pro is now in your hands


With the Photoshop Fast Track series your life will changed forever.


Just imagine... within minutes you can be editing and creating stunning photos and even works of art.


When you start "showing off" for your family and friends, they’ll swear up and down you hired a pro... After you convince them that it was all you, you'll be the toast of the town.


And to think...all for less than the price of a nice dinner for two!


Okay David! Let's do it...


YES David! Count Me In... I want to start editing my digital photos like a Pro! I understand that when I order today, I'll receive:


"Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers!" containing the full set of 22 Photo-editing videos.
Bonus Videos:  Flickr Video Tutorials (value $50)
Bonus Images:  Copy Of All The Images Used In The Tutorials So I Can Work Along Using The Same Photos.


I understand I'll have a full 56 days (8 weeks) to review the videos. If I am not completely satisfied I can request a full refund. No questions asked. And I can keep everything free of charge.


I understand once my order has been completed, I will get instant access to download "Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers" even if it's 3 AM in the morning.

And I realize if I act Today,  I'm guaranteed to get everything above for special introductory price of $197 $147 $97

Here's how to order...


Click on the link below to grab your copy at just $197 $147 $97  


Click Here Now To Get Instant Online Access To
"Photoshop Fast Track For Digital Photographers!"

For Just $147 $97



Payments Processed By


Note: You can pay by credit card, debit card, online check or PayPal
and get instant access to everything... even if it's 03:00 am


Clickbank Is Fully Compliant With:




Learn photo-editing the easy way...


Put your Photoshop struggles and frustrations behind you.


There's simply no need to waste valuable time and money on either expensive Photoshop courses, 50 hours of "send you to sleep" DVD's, or boring 300 page manuals.


Get what you need and get it fast... In minutes not hours or days!


And remember, you have my iron-clad money-back guarantee.


So pick up your copy of "Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers!" today and show me what you've got!


To your photo-editing success,



David Peters

Adobe Photoshop Coach


P.S. Imagine the feeling of pride and satisfaction you'll have sharing your newly edited photos. Your friends and family won't believe their eyes. And you'll be grinning from ear to ear! Purchase "Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers" today!  


P.S.S. Don't forget my "David's Gone Crazy" Zero-Risk Guarantee. If you're not 100% happy just let me know and I'll refund your purchase. And you can still keep the whole darn lot free of charge! (Including the free bonus!)  It doesn't get much better than that. Order "Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers" today!   



Read this only if you're still not sure...


More than 3100 people have already benefited from our previous video tutorials "Photoshop Fast Track For Newbies Video Tutorials" - take a look for yourself at what they have to say... and click on the play button to listen to their opinions as well...



Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: Which version of photoshop are these for?

A: The videos have been made in Adobe Photoshop CS3, but you'll also have access to videos for previous versions of Photoshop as well... so don't worry, whatever your version you'll be catered for. If however you have a version prior to Photoshop 7 I recommend you upgrade anyway, as you're missing out on a lot of great extra options.

Q: Is this suitable for Photoshop newbies?

A: No, if you are a Photoshop newbie then you need a decent understanding of the basics of Photoshop first, otherwise you simply won't be able to benefit from these video tutorials as much.
If you are a newbie I recommend you first grab a copy of my beginners video tutorials "Photoshop Fast Track For Newbies!"

Q: Do they work on my computer - I have a mac?

A: They can be viewed on ANY computer, Mac or PC (we have both here in the office). If you want to test one first then see the sample video here... If this works for you, then they will all work for you.

Q: Can I download them as well as view them online?

A: Yes you can. You will have a link to view the videos directly online, like this sample, and also a link to download each video tutorial to your computer for viewing offline

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Absolutely. Here's my offer: If you're not 100% happy with your investment, then simply email me at and let me know and I'll refund ALL your money, and you can keep everything FREE OF CHARGE... Yes all 22 videos and the bonuses are your's free if you're not 100% delighted! It doesn't get much better than that. Order
"Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers" today!   




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