December 15, 2008

How To Remove A Double Chin

I just posted this excellent sample video tutorial (it’s a lower quality version of one of the video tutorials taken from the full set) on YouTube so you can see the type of cool photo editing tricks possible with Photoshop…. enjoy, and please leave your comments below. Thanks.

How To Remove Unwanted Objects Or People

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Tanya H said:

Unbelieveable timing, I was actually wondering if I could do this on a photo of me I had from my holidays that I have always been reluctant to frame (oh what vanity :-) )

Thankyou David!

James Dugan said:

Great vid, very clear and you make it seem very easy, I´ll have a go myself at this later, I have LOTS of photos of me I could use this on

Jerry Walsh said:

Excellent video David, thanks for sharing it!

Annie said:

I have never used Photoshop but now I want to learn. Thanks

samantha said:


Bob said:

The example was excellent but sometimes you click on something too fast where I can’t see or hear what you are doing. Otherwise it was great. Thanks

Richard said:

This is awesome and i would like more video to learn how to use photoshop

Arnold said:

Hello David,
Nice job. Thank you for letting us look at it. I leaned by trial and error and I wondered if I did all right. You should see my perly whites fixed with Corel Photo paint — an older version.
How much is Adobe Photoshop? Is is a stand alone software package?

anil sharma said:

great and amazing.

Abdulla said:

Excellent video David, thanks for sending me this attachment

Nancy said:

Awesome demonstration! Makes me want to try it myself right away! Thank you for the great video!

Nina said:

Thank you very much that is is very helpfull

Janet said:

Hi David…I could have used that double-chin thing years ago. It’s not that I’m chubby, it’s just my chin that looks chubby…well, to me it does. Women of any age are just plain vain and I accept that. I follow the Rule — do your best and leave the rest….LOL! Thanks for the peek at the video.
Regards, Janet Hornsby
Calgary, AB, Canada

Ira Cohen said:

Very informative.
The shortcuts and varies opitions of performing a task are invaluable.
A bit slower, and identify where the various tools stored.

MARC said:


Very nice job on removing a double chin. The pace was not too fast; the steps were nice and clear.

Removing unwanted people, especially at the beginning seems to assume a bit more knowledge of the stage and tools than a beginner like myself has.
I found I had to stop several times and replay just to follow what you were doing.
A short introduction to the tools, layers and where to find everything would help here.

Thanks, though. In all, I found your videos quite helpful.

Rick said:

I really like the idea of healing and cloning on an empty layer. You might spend just a little more time explaining why you did this and advance the discussion slightly on the options bar.

I found it difficult to read the field specifications in the liquify filter. Because I’m viewing at a high screen resolution. The liquify filter dialog can be intimidating and unfriendly. I might spend a little more time explaining how things work there. You obviously get it, but it might be helpful from an instructional position to expound a little more. I’m often reminded as a teacher to avoid taking for granted what comes second nature to me and carefully convey that message to my students.

admin said:

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, remember these are sample videos from my collection, and these particular vids only have youtube quality, which is lower than the real ones. Even so, I’m very happy that you are finding them useful :)

Thanks again,
David Peters.

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